Online dating site Matchmaking website shuts down due to ‘unfortunate situation’

Matchmaking is a free online dating service that allows users to connect with people on the same date through the internet.

However, the service has faced some problems, with some users saying the company is only accessible to those who can afford to pay.

Matchmaking’s CEO and co-founder, Mark Smith, announced the site would be shutting down on Wednesday.

“Our team is sad to announce that Matchmaking will be ending its business operation effective immediately.

Our business model has not worked for us,” Smith wrote on the company’s website.

“We’ve tried to do things differently, but there is simply no room for this kind of business in the market.”

He continued: “We have a real problem on our hands and the only way to solve it is to step away from the web for good.”

In a statement to TechRadars, Matchmaking said it was unable to provide an explanation for the shutdown and was unable at this time to comment further.

It said the company had not received any requests for additional payment for the remaining months of the business, and said it would not be able to continue providing any support services for customers.

“In this time of transition, we’ve asked our existing customers to cancel their Matchmaking membership and re-register for a new membership.

However we are not yet in a position to make any further payments,” the company said.

“This is due to unforeseen circumstances on our end, which will need to be addressed in due course.”

Matchmaking started as a company based in London, and is now based in Singapore.

However Smith told the BBC it had had to stop operating in Singapore because of a legal dispute with the government there.

The company’s CEO, David Jones, told the New York Times that he believed there was a connection between the shutdown in Singapore and the closure of Matchmaking in the US.

“Matchmaking was born in Singapore,” he said.