How to win online singles matches in the UK

By now, most of us have seen the video of an overweight girl getting hit by a bus and getting stuck in a wheelchair in a park, but a video of a young girl getting punched in the face by a guy on a dating site is sparking an even bigger debate about gender equality in online dating.

In the video, a young woman who appears to be a teenage girl from North Yorkshire is being matched with a man on Tinder, but when she tries to message him, he tells her to “shut up.”

He then asks her to leave the chat room.

“Please, I’ll kill you,” he says, and punches her in the back of the head.

The incident happened at the University of York’s gymnasium on Sunday, where an altercation between a woman and a man broke out during a Tinder match.

The woman was hit in the head, while the man punched her.

She was taken to hospital for treatment and released.

Tinder has faced controversy in the past for allowing users to request sex from other users, as well as using bots to match users with women.

“Tinder is about finding a match that is passionate about something you love and looking for something to get started together,” a Tinder spokesperson told The Independent.

“We’ve never asked users to be promiscuous, and have zero tolerance for violent or abusive behavior.

This behavior will not be tolerated.”

Talks about sexism are not new to Tinder, with one user calling it a “disgrace.”

The company said in a statement to BuzzFeed News that it has seen “a rise in harassment on our platform,” adding that it is “deeply committed to equality for all our members.”

Tinder says it is working on a “gender neutral profile” for women and girls that will include a picture and bio.