Canadian dating website ‘suicide squad’ claims to have killed online singles

A Canadian dating site has claimed it killed online users after posting an ad for singles dating.

The dating website was reportedly hacked in May by an unknown hacker, The Huffington Post reported.

The site, called My Singles, reported that an unidentified hacker had obtained their login information.

The website was hacked by unknown hackers and they used that information to take control of the site.

The company says the hackers then sold their access to the site to a third party, who was then able to sell it to another hacker.

The third party then allegedly sold it to a new hacker, who then posted the ad on My Singlers’ website.

A spokesperson for My Singls said that the hacker used a login name of a woman, who claimed that she was not the real owner of the website, according to The Huffington Report.

The woman said that she used the name for personal reasons, but didn’t elaborate.

In the advertisement, the woman claimed that a hacker who went by the name “thesuicidesquad” had purchased the site in May from another buyer and that he was now selling the site for $2,500 a month.

The suicidesquad told The Huffington Polling that the ad was fake.

The Huffington report said that My Singlets claims that it was hacked, but the company is not disclosing its identity.

I’m afraid we are going to have to have an online chat about the claims and whether the website was actually hacked.

It’s also worth noting that the suicidesquads account is now private.

The Suicide Squad claims it was the victim of an attack.

However, I think that the fact that the Suicide Squad claim it was being hacked and then a day later it was attacked, it’s hard to see that they were the ones that were actually hacked and sold to the attacker.