How to make a new, unique, unique male advert

A new, entirely new male ad campaign has been created by a pair of designers in an attempt to bring a freshness to the advertising world.

The ads are called Male to Male, and are part of the company’s new male-focused campaign, which they hope will reach more men than ever before.

The campaign aims to promote the new male product: the Male to Female vibrator, a product designed by the men’s fashion company Durex.

“Male to Male is an entirely new way to bring the power of sex into the everyday world,” said the marketing agency.

“This is a unique way to reach men and women in the 21st century by creating a new male experience and introducing them to new technology.”

The campaign follows on from an advert campaign for the company in 2012 that focused on male sexual pleasure and the company said it had seen the potential for the new campaign.

“As men we’re not just interested in having sex, we’re also interested in pleasure, and with Male to Man we’re making that pleasure available to the whole family,” the company told the New York Times at the time.

The company’s marketing director, Adam R. Pashler, said the campaign would also be a new way for the agency to connect with its clientele.

“It’s going to give them a reason to come in and check it out, to go and try it and to tell their friends about it, because this is a really interesting and unique way for us to do this, and it’s a good way to start a conversation,” he said.

Pashler said the new ad campaign would start with an advertisement in which a young man walks down the street in a shirt that says “Male to Female”, and then later another advertisement in a cafe in which he is shown in a female form.

The male to female campaign will be in full swing through February, with the new ads appearing in major markets across the US and the UK.

Pressed on whether the campaign was aimed at younger males or older men, he said: “Younger boys and men can’t stand the sight of a young girl and are going to take to the Male To Male thing like a pack of feral dogs.”

But the older guys who like to play with toys can’t help but fall into that trap, and so this is really a great opportunity to get the younger guys to see what we’re up to.””

This can be a really great opportunity for us as we get older, and we’re going to be able to say, ‘hey, this is where it’s at.

This is where we’ve been for years’.

“The company said the adverts will be produced in a range of formats, from short, one-off video clips to full-length commercials.

It has also partnered with the BBC to create a new series of ads that will air in the US on the same date as the new Male to Men campaign.