What do you do when you’re single and have to date?

A single woman can be just as happy as a man who’s also single.

The average Australian has a partner for more than half of his or her life, but most people find themselves in a happy relationship for less than a decade, says the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

That means the average Australian is a matchmaking site for singles, says Professor Ian Wilson of the University of Melbourne.

He believes this trend has something to do with people finding each other through the internet.

“If you’ve been lonely for a long time, you probably don’t know anyone, so you don’t have to go out and meet new people,” he says.

Professor Wilson says the number of singles online is on the rise.

Dating website,community matching website,dating,dating flirting A common misconception is that singles are only looking for a short-term mate. “

There’s a lot more of people who are lonely who want to find a partner.”

Dating website,community matching website,dating,dating flirting A common misconception is that singles are only looking for a short-term mate.

But this is just not true, says Dr Sarah Jaffrey from the University and Health Science Centre at the University Of Queensland.

“I think a lot [of] couples who are trying to get a long-term relationship are not going out for singles,” she says.

“And they’re going out to meet people, but they’re not looking for long-distance relationships.”

Dr Jaffry says most singles find that they find a long term partner through online dating, because they find they can talk about their interests and hobbies.

“They’re looking for people who can help them with things they’re doing with their day to day life,” she said.

Dr Jabrey says singles are also more likely to be attracted to a partner who is not the same gender as them.

“That may mean you don, as a person of colour, and you’re attracted to someone of a different gender or race,” she explains.

“A lot of the singles online are looking for someone who’s different to them in terms of their looks and interests.”

The study also found that women are less likely to choose a long distance partner.

“When we asked women about their long-time relationship status, they were less likely than men to choose to have a long or short-distance relationship,” says Dr Jafrey.

“Women were much less likely in general to want to marry someone of the opposite gender.”

Dating site,dating matchmaking website,partnering with partner,partnership matchmaking source ABC News (AU) title How to meet new partners online?

article The Australian Bureau Of Statistics survey also found a significant gender gap in how singles chose their long term partners.

Women were far more likely than women in general, to go online to find their long distance partners, Dr Jabbrey says.

In fact, women were more likely, to search for a match by long distance, than men.

Dr Wilson says there are some benefits to being online.

“The first thing is that you can talk to someone online who isn’t always around,” he explains.

That way, you can be honest about your relationship, and that person can listen to your needs and concerns.

“So you don