RTE news: New RTE app to match people up with people who want to meet

RTE News has today published an update on a new matchmaking app called Matchmaking, which is set to be launched in Ireland by the end of the year.

The app will allow users to find suitable people, and have them join up to have a chat with someone from the community.

The feature will allow for people to have more than one conversation, and those conversations will be recorded so that they can be shared.

The update comes after the Irish Times reported that RTE had bought a stake in Matchmaking.

The RTE-owned broadcaster said the new app will enable people to find people in their local area to chat with, and will provide a platform for other broadcasters to add Matchmaking content to their shows.

This is the latest move in RTE’s digital push to bring more Irish-language content to Irish audiences.

It is hoped that this will allow more people to watch RTE, and also boost RTEs audience on social media.

The Irish Times said that RTP will be able to launch the app in Ireland in early 2017, but that the company is also looking to launch it in other markets in the coming months.RTE will also begin to build out a presence in New Zealand and South Africa.