Facebook wants you to know your gender on Facebook

The social media company wants to know you by your gender, but it doesn’t have a gender neutral option for you to check.

The company said in a blog post on Wednesday that it has made a conscious decision to make gender neutral dating matches the default for people looking to date on Facebook.

This means that people can check their gender preferences in the privacy settings when they log into their profile, and that Facebook will display an option to check for gender preferences to those who have opted in to this feature.

The company has added gender neutral options to the Privacy & Safety tab of the Facebook app, which will make it easier for users to opt-in to gender neutral matches.

The move is a welcome one, since Facebook’s social network has long been criticized for not being inclusive of people who identify as nonbinary and other gender nonconforming individuals.

The gender neutrality option has long existed on Facebook’s website, but users were often limited to choosing one of two options: the “I don’t see a gender” option, which displayed a picture of a person with a single eye or the “gender neutral” option which displayed pictures of a single person with two eyes.

Facebook has long stated that the “Gender neutral” options are not gender neutral.

In addition to gender-neutral matches, Facebook also offers a “genderqueer” matchmaking feature that allows users to match with someone with a different gender identity, if that person identifies as such.