What it’s like to live with an unfaithful partner

A woman is facing up to eight years in prison after she was convicted of murdering her boyfriend and attempting to commit suicide after she had a “sexual affair” with him.

In December last year, 23-year-old Shannan Wilson-Makler pleaded guilty to the murder of her boyfriend, Anthony G. Cushek, and attempted to kill himself in separate incidents.

She was sentenced to eight to 25 years in federal prison, which she will be eligible for after serving two years of her sentence.

Ms Makler was originally charged with murdering her former boyfriend, but was later arrested after she became a witness to the attempted suicide.

The woman had had sex with him three times, the trial judge in the case told reporters on Tuesday, adding: “The victim’s relationship with her former lover was a sexual affair.”

Ms Wilson-Miller told police she met the man on the dating app Grindr in May last year and had consensual sex with them at his home.

During the alleged encounter, she gave him the name “Tony”, but did not tell him the real name, court documents show.

Her boyfriend, who had been living with her parents in the US, was also arrested on June 16 last year after she gave police his phone number.

Police later found a suicide note written by Ms Makler in which she told him she was leaving the US and moving to Australia to be with her boyfriend.

“I have made this decision to end my life because I can no longer live in fear of being arrested or killed by my former lover,” she wrote.

Judge Robert L. O’Connor said Ms Maklers motivation for the murder was clear.

“It is clear from the totality of her actions that she felt threatened by her former partner and felt she was being targeted because of her sex life with him,” he said.

Mr Cuschek’s family was not at the court on Tuesday.