The Best of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ video

It’s not often a movie gets the recognition it deserves.

But that’s exactly what’s happening with the newest Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi,” which has already earned a $2.7 billion worldwide gross.

It’s also the first movie to score a top 10 on the box office chart since “The Empire Strikes Back” in 1977.

The film, which opened on Dec. 17 and is now playing in a record-setting 6.1 million theaters, is based on the novel by J.J. Abrams, and follows the exploits of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Han Solo as they embark on a new adventure.

The movie has already become a sleeper hit, winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Picture.

With its huge $2 billion gross, the film’s a big win for the Star Wars franchise, which was created by George Lucas in 1977 and continues to thrive as a brand, even though Abrams has largely left the franchise to his successor, J.K. Rowling.

The story of Luke, Leia and Han is one of the most popular of all time.

It has spawned countless spinoffs, comic books, television shows and animated movies, and was adapted into an epic trilogy that also includes “The Force Awakens.”

It’s a story of hope, faith and a galactic adventure.

It is also an incredibly personal story.

It involves a man who, like many in the galaxy, is battling terminal illness and a woman who lost her daughter.

These two women, and others like them, have been fighting against a seemingly endless war in the Star Destroyers and space stations that has devastated their planet.

As a young man, Han Solo was a young boy, living a peaceful life in the Outer Rim, an unexplored and hostile world.

His family lived in a lush tropical paradise called Tatooine.

But one day, his mother is murdered by a powerful Sith Lord named Darth Vader.

His brother Luke is sent to join him, but he quickly learns that there is more to this world than he has ever imagined.

Luke, a man of faith, is a Jedi Knight who finds himself in the path of Darth Vader, a mysterious figure who is bent on destroying all life on Tatooin.

As Luke travels the galaxy to fight against the Sith, he meets many interesting characters and finds that he is not the only one who is drawn to the Force.

There are many reasons why the film resonates with fans.

The characters are relatable and relatable are some of the things that make it so compelling.

There’s an emotional journey that makes the story both relatable to the audience and relocatable to many of its major players.

“Star Wars” is an incredibly popular franchise.

It sells millions of tickets every night.

And there are a lot of people who are eager to see the next installment, and who may not have seen the original.

The actors are great.

I really enjoyed the performance of J. K. Rowling in the role of Han Solo.

I have to say, I thought she was very well done.

I also liked the performance by Benedict Cumberbatch in the part of Luke.

The chemistry between the two characters was just fantastic.

It was a great mix of actors.

It made the movie even better.

It was a little hard to write a review for “The End of Days,” because there are so many other films out there that have done the same.

But for “Star War,” there is a unique way to tell a story that has no parallel in the history of the franchise.

The end of the universe and the end of a time is very much the same thing, but it has a different meaning.