‘This Is Us’ star returns to ‘Dancing With the Stars’ after six months in rehab


— “This Is Not Us” star Kristen Bell returned to “Dancing with the Stars” this past week after being out of rehab for six months.

“I’m back,” Bell told a reporter Wednesday.

“So happy to be back on the show.”

Bell has been in rehab since June 2015 after being diagnosed with the condition chronic fatigue syndrome.

She recently took a two-week break from the show, but she was back on Sunday.

The show initially suspended Bell after the first season ended, but the show reinstated her in September.

Bell has been seen dancing with her daughter and the cast during the recent holiday season.

Bell and “Dance With the Saints” star and husband Paul Rudd have been dating for nearly a year.

They had their first child together in April, and they have a daughter together.