How to flirt for free with the hottest singles male at your local bar

A male bartender has revealed how to flirt with the women at your favorite bars for free.

The best way to flirt is to sit down and order a drink.

“Don’t order a beer or whiskey,” said Mike Pascall, a bartender at a local bar.

“We like our drinks to be light and refreshing, so don’t overdo it.”

He added, “If it’s not too hot, try to be friendly.

You’re not going to get a full conversation with this guy.”

While many bars are starting to offer female bartenders, they still require a male bartender to serve drinks, and the male bartender is not required to offer drinks to the female bartender.

While the bartender can help you flirt by being friendly, the women may not want to sit next to you at the bar if they don’t want to have to watch the guy flirt with them.

“If you’re not comfortable with a male sitting next to a woman, just be polite,” said Pascill.

“There are plenty of other women who enjoy having drinks with the guys.”

So, be nice and flirt with a female bartender to see if they want to go out with you.

Be patient, don’t say no, and be nice.

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