Why women love being matched up for a romantic evening: A chat room study

Women enjoy being matched with a male friend, a study has found.

A majority of the 1,500 people surveyed said they’d rather have a date with a friend they’d met online, or a romantic date with one of their own friends, rather than go out with a stranger.

It’s also a sign that the dating apps are becoming more popular for both men and women, and that they’re finding new ways to keep in touch. 

The study also found that women are more likely to choose a date via a dating app if it’s a friend.

This could be because they are more comfortable with friends who are on the same page, or because they want to feel more like a complete match.

For example, a woman who has just had a breakup with her ex might want to meet her friend to have a romantic night out. 

But there are still other reasons women like being matched: Being in a dating pool can help you stay connected with a group of people, which can also help you find the right partner.

It could also be because you’re in a group where everyone is on the dating app, which means you’ll be more likely, if you’re a single person, to find someone with whom you can share interests and meet others, according to the study. 

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