When the Internet will be your best friend? The Internet is here to help…

Recode co-founder Kara Swisher says that while her personal brand is growing, she has been surprised by how much of a big deal it is.

She tells Recode the internet has become a big part of the way she lives her life.

“I had to really re-evaluate my relationship to it,” she says.

“In my view, the internet is a way for me to communicate and connect with people.”

She’s also a big believer in technology’s ability to make life easier.

“People will say things online they can’t necessarily do anywhere,” she said.

“They can’t even do it with their phone.”

Swisher points to the number of apps that let you post photos or videos to your Instagram or Snapchat account, for example.

She also sees the benefits of being in the app-based world.

“You can get a lot more out of a business or you can get more out in the world by just being in a digital space,” she explains.

“It really does become the most valuable and valuable thing in your life.”

So while the internet hasn’t really changed her life, she says it has helped to shape it.

And she’s been surprised at how much the technology is changing how she lives.

“The internet has changed everything,” she told Recode.

“Technology has made me a better human being.”